Posted: March 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

The Road; 2/22/11; 11:43pm ;Bannack, MT; Canon Rebel T2I; Manual; f 11; 1/320;

HDR edited through Dynamic Photo Using High contrast and adjusting vivid colors , brightness , luminosity , gama and color curves. I played with all the effect until I got my desired outcome. I tried not to add too much color to it so the sky would stay blue. Once I created a HDR I opened on Photoshop and bumped up the saturation, contrast adjusted the levels so some parts of the picture so some objects would appear more than others.

With all the effects applied, I added a quote and selected the fonts that would go well with the picture. Once the text was added I positioned and aligned the text to an area where it would be readable and would create a pattern. With all the elements I needed , I sized the photo to a posters size 36×24 and turned the PSD file to the Canvas man so he could do the work.




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